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Welcome to School for Landlords!

Tessa SheppersonThis site is part of the Easy Law Training service and is dedicated to helping landlords (and letting agents!)  learn more about their legal rights and obligations.

We have a number of online courses and are developing further courses which  we will be putting online in due course.  We are also developing a series of  face to face workshops which you can see on your left.

Our main ‘foundation’ course is  the Easy Law for Landlords course, which you can read about >> here.  This is a 14 week series which gives a very good grounding in law for landlords.  Our surveys also show that 91% of students said that they enjoyed it!

We had a very successful conference in March 2013 and we will be running our 2014 Conference on 28 March, again at Bury St Edmunds.  You can find out more at

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See  you soon!

Tessa Shepperson