Conference 2013 : The Course

Almost as good as being there ...

Talks by experts – now available online

Watch and learn from the Landlord Law Conference speakers talks – in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are a newbie landlord or an ‘old hand’, a landlord or a letting agent, or even if you are a solicitor or a housing advisor – you are guaranteed to find something new and useful that you did not know before.

Things that will help you deal with difficult tenants and give you confidence when managing your properties.

You can get the talks individually or buy them all together in the complete conference course

But see the clips below before you make up your mind

Delegates comments: “Highly recommended!” Neil Kurz, Neil Douglas Letting agency.

The speakers:

  • Solicitor Tessa Shepperson on tenancy agreements
  • Solicitor Simon Parrott on agency law
  • Solicitor David Smith on HMO law
  • Solicitor and RPT Chair John Murray on the Residential Property Tribunal
  • Head of Adjudication at TDS, Mike Morgan on tenancy deposit adjudications
  • TRO Ben Reeve Lewis on harassment
  • Solicitor Tessa Shepperson on eviction
Delegates comments: “All of the speakers were excellent and an expert in their own field. It was a privilege to be in a room with so much experience and knowledge” Diana Maratty, landlord.

For each talk we have created a page which contains:

  • A video of the whole talk for you to watch online
  • A pdf of the powerpoint so you can follow it during the talk
  • A pdf of the speakers notes (apart from talk 5)
  • Links to the speakers website and other sites referred to in the talk
  • An mp3 audio version of the talk for you to download and listen to in your car or on your ipod
  • Quiz questions for each talk (10) – email the results to yourself – some organisations will accept this for CPD

You will have access to the talk page for six months (186 days), and will be able to download the pdfs and mp3 files to keep forever.

Further details and clips of the talks:

Individual talks are £18 each (£15 plus VAT) – or you can get the whole course for £90 (£75 plus VAT) and get seven talks for the price of five!

Talk 1: Tessa Shepperson
Here Tessa looks at tenancy agreements and discusses the various types of tenancy – which will often require a different type of agreement. (Talk 33.19 minutes)

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Talk 2: Simon Parrott
Simon tackles the difficult topic of agency law – the rules the apply when a landlord instructs a letting agent to manage his property for him. (Talk 46.37 minutes).

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Talk 3: David Smith
David is an expert on HMO law. His talk clairfies what an HMO is, and looks at management, licensing and the consequences of renting out an HMO property. (Talk 42,38 minutes)

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Talk 4: John Murray
John is a Chair of the Residential Property tribunal, and he gives here a fascinating overview of its work and how it can be used by landlords. (Talk 31.36 minutes)

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Talk 5: Michael Morgan
Mike is Head of Adjudication at TDS – he explains the procedure from the adjudicators point of view and gives tips for good practice. (Talk 46.28 minutes)

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Note – Michael Morgan replaced Tom Derret at short notice as speaker at the event and therefore there are no notes for his talk. However we have provided Tom’s power point as well as Mike’s.
Talk 6: Ben Reeve Lewis
London TRO Ben talks about harassment and why it is not the landlords INTENTION which is important but the EFFECT of his actions. (Talk 35.38 minutes)

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Talk 7: Tessa Shepperson
Tessa’s second talk was on eviction and she explains how it works and the things you need to check first. (Talk 42.08 minutes)

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All of them! If you are considering getting five or more of the talks, it will be more cost effective if you get tham all together (rather than individually) by buying the complete conference course, as you will then get 7 for the price of 5 Buy Now - Button Orange

Our guarantee

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And get:

  • Up to 4 1/2 hours of solid legal information and updates – which you can watch in the comfort of your own home
  • Invaluable information on HMOs, tenancy agreements and tenancy deposit adjudication (to name but a few of the topics covered)
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have heard it from the experts – qualified solicitors and specialists in their field

Here are some more delegates comments:

“A well organised event packed full of great information that is relevant to every day of a landlords or agents” Lesley Fenton, Quorum Property Services.
“A well pitched conference with the right blend of helpful advice and hard hitting facts.” Jan Hytch, Arnolds LLP.
“It busted a few myths (particularly around harassment and s21 notices)” Tommy Cloherty

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